To All Prospective Employees

Traffic Control Devices, Inc. is committed to providing a safe work environment and fostering the well being and health of our employees. Illegal drug use jeopardizes this commitment and undermines the capability of Traffic Control Devices, Inc. to provide quality service to its customers.

If you are successful in obtaining an employment position with Traffic Control Devices, Inc. you will be required to participate in the company's Drug Free Workplace Program and will be scheduled for testing, the results of which will determine your continued eligibility. 

The illegal use of drugs is a recognized national problem that seriously affects every American. Drug abuse not only affects individual users and their families, but it also introduces dangers to the workplace and elsewhere.

To address this issue, Traffic Control Devices, Inc. has developed a policy regarding the illegal use of drugs that it believes will best serve the interests of all employees. The company's policy formally and clearly states that the illegal use of drugs will not be tolerated. This policy was designed with two basic objectives: 

1) Employees deserve a work environment free from the effects of drugs and the problems associated with their use.
2) This company has a responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe workplace.

Traffic Control Devices, Inc. believes that this program will significantly contribute to the overall health and safety of all employees engaged in the company's day-to-day operation.

Frank M. Kemp
Human Resources Director
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